Bachelorette party

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The bride to be and her friends are out for one last night of drunken mayhem before she says her nuptials and is officially off the market. They all take turns sucking off the dancing bear and he drops his load directly on the bride’s face. Nice!
bride gets a facial from the dancing bear

Strip Club Cheaters

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Dancing bear is great, but here’s something new for ya: Strip Club Cheaters. Same idea, but the content is a little bit different, a little more real. Dancing bear still kicks ass, but there’s nothing wrong with a little variety, right? Check the video clip below for a taste of what you’ll get inside the premium area. Keep in mind these are all 100% real amateur cheating wives and girlfriends. No pornstars allowed!

wife cheats with male stripper

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Cock Sucking Orgy

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Free Sex
What do you get when you combine an “Ex-Wives Support group”, Alcohol and some Friendly Dancing Bears? If you said a cock sucking orgy and a wild Free Sex session, then you are on the ball my horny friend. These women have no shame whatsoever, put a group of regular, run of mill former good housewives in a room with some drink in their system and a Hard bodied Bear in front of them and they turn into XXX cocksucking milf sluts that can’t wait to feel a hot load of cum splatter all over their faces. Careful now, one of them may well be YOUR ex-wife, or mom. That’s the beauty or sex videos featuring horny average women who don’t get paid to be bent over and impaled on a hard cock. The moans are real, the lust is real and the hardcore XXX enjoyment these horny deprived ex-wives get is 100% real. Bless their depraved, horny little hearts, and bless the Bears that bring all their hardcore lewd sex behavior to us.

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Dancing Bear Blowjob Video

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Horny amateur blowing the dancing bear stripper

The best part about Dancing Bear is they don’t use pornstars/actresses. They use real amateur women, horny for some cock. They are disarmed by the bear outfit and before they realize wtf is going on, they’ve got a load on their face, muaha.


Dancing Bear Porn Video

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Dancing Bear Porn Video Screenshot

Enjoy this free video of the dancing bear strippers getting it on with hot and horny drunk girls.  This is just a small taste of what you will find inside the members only area.  The dancing bears are always on the road looking for fresh girls to take advantage of, so the members area is constantly updated with amazing new amateur hardcore footage.  Join now for less than a fiver and watch it all ;)


Dancing Bear Porn Party

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Horny blonde slut licks the dancing bears cock

The dancing bear party bus has rolled into town again and tonight it’s on like donkey kong!  Another room filled with horny drunk girls will be set upon by the dancing bears and their hard cocks.  The best moments are when one of the dancing bears shoots a load in a chicks mouth without warning.  Her choice is to quickly wrap her mouth around the cock and take the load in her mouth, or have it end up all over her dress.  99.9% opt to take the jizzbomb in their mouth and protect their precious outfit, haha..

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